Whether your book is ready to go to print or you are still in the dreaming stage, let's have a chat about the end product, the book.

I began using Word in 1984, I think. I went to computer programming school in 1980 and quickly realized that coding was fun and I needed more human interaction. At one point I was involved with a documentation department at a computer company where I learned all about writing, editing, and publishing. I stepped into the website space just as it was starting, in 1997. I've been involved in writing and editing and the like ever since. I enjoy helping authors manifest their dreams.

Here are the books where I've worked with the author to get their manuscript from the editor onto Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing. It's a process, and each book is different so it's impossible to give you any pricing information without a conversation, so let's have a conversation! Text or call me to get the ball rolling, 612.850.3069.

Dr. Callies is an amazing woman who has a system to get you to Unshakeable Joy. It works! Her cover art was overnighted to me so I could scan it in. So much joy in working with Letticia and her book.

Ellen Leikind needed help republishing her book that was originally put out years ago with a traditional publisher. I was able to work with the original files and get this done in a timely and affordable way.

Erika Lee had this book inside her for twelve years. Then she found an illustrator, and me, to make it come to life. We did this one inside of two weeks.

Bridge the Retirement Gap, Robert B. StrandRobert came to me through a mutual friend. He's living in Chili and needed some help with the mechanics of getting this done. I hooked him up with an editor, he found a cover designer, I did the upload and formatting for both Kindle and an Amazon paperback and we are about to launch.

Rebecca needed this book done in a week and we managed to make that happen. Sometimes you just gotta get it done.

Nicole survived cancer and needed to tell her story. Once we got started she realized she also wanted to have a journal so she told me what she wanted it to look like and I made it happen.

I did George's website first, for the launch of his first book. Now he's done his second book and I did the back end work on Amazon to make it happen.  He was iffy on whether or not to do Kindle as well as the paperback and hard cover. When he decided to do it it was a simple matter to take the existing books, reformat a tad, and do the Kindle version.

Jan came to me with a hard deadline, I think it was two weeks out. It took us longer than that due to any number of things client related, yet we persisted and she was able to meet her second deadline. Something to do with the stars aligning, I think. <smile>

Luann was my first. A website client and friend, she asked if I could help her and so I learned the back end of KDP. Once in there I realized how much I enjoyed the process.