Website Developer

Plum Creek Consulting started in 1997 creating websites back when you still needed to explain what the internet was to the client. We have worked with hundreds of businesses helping them market themselves online.


Because we have been in the computer business since 1981, before PCs were in people's homes, we can help you with whatever it is you need done. From installing a small network so you can share files to sourcing new computers, we can help.


Are you frustrated with your computer? Often what is needed is someone to help you for an hour or two, on your computer, in your office or home. We do that.


We Save You Money

In Lake City, another small town nearby, a car dealer says "cars are like eggs, they're cheaper in the country". The same thing holds true for computer help, it's going to cost you less when you buy local. Whether you are down the street or across the world, my low overhead means you can get work done that you can afford. Give me a call before you drag your equipment to the Cities and let's see how I can help.

Expert Advice Found Here

"That 5 minutes just saved me $100." I hear this a lot. Because I spend your money as if it were my own, we can often find a sweet spot that works for us both. Whether you need advice on buying a new computer or a helping hand with that ONE thing that's driving you crazy, I can help.


Next Steps...

Pick up the phone and call me at 612-850-3069 or drop me an email and let's find the solution that works for you and your budget.