As with all things on the web, this page is a work in progress. Do you know the story of the cobbler's kid having no shoes? Sometimes pages like this are like that. We have done hundreds of websites and we will get back to this page soon. Really. We will. Unless client work keeps us busy. 😉


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Touch Remedies

Dawn Bennett wrote a book and adjusted her business and here's the revamp of her website.


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BeYOUtiful and Blessed Life

Jenny was to open her new business on March 1, 2020, and then Covid 19 hit and she had to delay. She took the opportunity to get her website up and running. We did a basic site and then added ecommerce and then added her subscription services.


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The Stockholm Art Fair

They got new directors and decided to revamp the site and then Covid cancelled 2020 so we put up a message and in January will start making changes for 2021.


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Wanish Sugar Bush

Will Wanish, now 17, started his maple syrup business and we put up a one-page site. He wrote his first check to me - his mom wanted him to learn how to write checks rather than just using a credit card! Two years later he's now processing for other syrup gatherers and his syrup is in dozens of stores in WI and MN and is shipped everywhere.


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Another basic site while this family builds a dynasty, holding space for their new company.

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Tony Wolfe

Tony is the man of 1,000 voices and his website is a place to show potential customers his voice-over work.


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Stephanie A Liss, Playwright

Stephanie Liss came to me when she needed a website in order to facilitate getting funding for her new project off-broadway. What an honor to work with her. A simple site covering an extraordinary career.

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Rush River Produce

The Cuddys are one of my favorite clients. We created this site many years ago and have made only minor modifications. If you go, call first!

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George Claystin Murray

George wrote a book, and became a speaker, and needed a basic website to show he is all of those things.

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My newest (ad)venture, The River List. Here you will find all things to do, see, experience around Lake Pepin and on our part of the Mississippi River.